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Vertical freezers and vertical coolers for kitchen, medical and beer bottles . We manufacture and supply the units as per specific requirements. We have models with customised spares and usage. Fully stainless steel and high performance reciprocating compressors for better cooling and less power consumption. Please call us for your requirement 8008823458
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Water Chillers and online water Chillers available starts from 1tr to 20tr, available in basic, semi automatic and fully automatic for your specific requirements. Compact and high efficient unit for continuous usage. Call us for more information. 8008823458
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Beer bottle chillers vertical and undercounter, Starts from 500Beer bottles to 1200bottles comes in sliding glass door with fully or partly stainless steel with imported copper piping. Outdoor unit for cooling efficient and trouble free to service. Call us more more details Freeze Air Marketing 8008823458
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Display coolers and display freezers available start from 125litres to 1000litres capacity, more display more sales, Double glazed glass door for moisture free and cooling protection with shelves adjustment and add more shelves. Call us for more details Freeze Air Marketing 8008823458
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Newly launched Blue star water dispense with hot, normal and cold option in bigger capacity of 80litres storage and 60litres cooling per hour. Please contact us for further queries and requirements. 8008823458 Model:P6080E-SL