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Manufacture of milk chillers, cold rooms, water coolers, deep freezers, beer bottle cooler, vertical cooler, vertical freezers, Co2 chillers, water chillers, frost free units make as per specifications, requirement, customized units of different capacities.
Freeze Tech established in 1991 manufacturing in 2 units and main office in kavadiguda, supply Water coolers, deep freezers, bottle coolers, milk chillers, water chillers, vertical freezers, beer vertical coolers, frost free units, cold rooms, ice machines, water dispensers.
Blue Star’s Cold Storage Division offers you a wide range of cooling and preservation solutions. Solutions tailored made to suit any industry that requires storage of perishable produce over extended periods of time without suffering any loss of quality – be it in look, feel, touch, taste or chemical composition. Industries that find Blue Star’s cold storage solutions enormously useful include the agriculture sector including horticulture and floriculture units, manufacturers of fresh produce of any kind, food processing units, pharmaceutical industries, seafood and other similar industries, as well as the dairy and hospitality sectors, including hotels, restaurants, and eateries.
Freeze Air Marketing is Authorized dealers of Freeze Tech and Authorized dealers of Blue Star - Manufacture and Supply of Water Cooler, Water Dispenser, Deep Freezer, Bottle Cooler, Air-Condition, Milk Chiller, Chiller, Frost free unit, Vertical Freezer, Cold Room, Ice Machine, RO purifier and Any customized units.
We manufacture and Supply water coolers, deep freezers, bottle coolers, cold rooms, water dispensers, frost free units, milk chillers, puf panels, water chillers, co2 chillers. Authorised dealers for blue star, authorised dealers for freeze tech.