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Blue Star Water Cum Purifer UV and RO, models:SWCNST680UVA, SWCNST8120UVA, SWCSDLX680UVA, SWCSDLX680ROA.
Blue Star water cooler in built purifier, hassle free when both units come in a package. Available in UV and RO models:swcnst680uva, swcnst8120uva, swcsdlx680uva, swcsdlx680roa. Now enjoy cold drinking water that is 100% pure too.
Storage purifier cum water cooler, available in Blue Star in UV and RO in 80litres and 120litres with 2-3taps, fully and partly stainless steel.model:SWCNST680UVA, SWCNST8120UVA, SWCSDLX680UVA, SWCSDLX680ROA. Please call or mail for special offer and discounted price.
Water cooler cum purifier, water cooler inbuilt purifier. Blue star water cooler with inbuilt AquaGuard purifier. SWCNST680UVA, SWCNST8120UVA, SWCSDLX680UVA and SWCSDLX680ROA. Contact:8008823458