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MODULAR COLD ROOMS: Modular Cold Rooms are standard preservation chambers built at site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications. Blue Star’s Modular Cold Rooms use world-class PUF Insulated Panels manufactured by Blue Star at state-of-the-art facilities, and Refrigeration Units from Blue Star’s facilities and from partners from across the globe, to offer you totally reliable cooling and preservation chambers specifically built for your needs. Modular Cold Rooms are built best by experts who understand all aspects of preservation. And Blue Star's Cold Room experts possess both extensive and intensive domain knowledge of your industry - knowledge that helps us design and deliver efficient, reliable and perfect Cold Room solutions for your exact need. Here are some industry-specific examples : Hospitality Dairy Horticulture Medicare Pharma industry Seafood Specialty applications
Blue Star and Freeze Tech, Freezo Tech systems make freezers and coolers available in different capacities and fabrications according to customer specification and requirement. CHF freezers in 100litres, 200L, 300L, 400l and 500L available CHBK coolers with inside stainless steel or PP in 300Litres, 400L, and 500L available. If any customized in vertical or horizontal model we make as per specification.
Supply Cold rooms, water chiller, co2 chiller, deep freezer, bottle cooler, water cooler, water dispenser, cooler, freezer as per specification and design.
Manufacture of milk chillers, cold rooms, water coolers, deep freezers, beer bottle cooler, vertical cooler, vertical freezers, Co2 chillers, water chillers, frost free units make as per specifications, requirement, customized units of different capacities.
Water Cooler manufacturers on Brand name Freeze Tech & Freezo Tech systems since 1991, we make water coolers as per required specification and customised, Quality is our main aim with best price. Authorized sales and service of Blue Star Limited for Air-Conditioner and Refrigeration products.