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Blue Star Visi Cooler, vertical glass door or visible Cooler available in 250, 350 and 1000 litres capacity. Double glass door to prevent cooling loss. 4 shelves in 250 & 350 and 4+4 shelves in 1000 litres.
Display coolers and display freezers available start from 125litres to 1000litres capacity, more display more sales, Double glazed glass door for moisture free and cooling protection with shelves adjustment and add more shelves. Call us for more details Freeze Air Marketing 8008823458
More Visibility For Your Products. More Profits For You. It’s the best way to cool your products and display them at the same time. Blue Star’s range of Visi Coolers. These vertical storage coolers are specially designed to cool uniformly and help you display the products inside. So while the display increases product visibility, the visibility increases sales. And more sales mean more profits for you. Features UV protected galvanised sheets for interior and exterior Adjustable plastic-coated wire mesh shelves Energy-efficient cooling unit Eco-friendly refrigerant (R134a) Uniform cooling by forced air circulation Clear product visibility with dual glass Self-closing door Canopy for merchandising with rear illumination Tested for higher ambient and outdoor condition
Industrial refrigerators and commercial refrigerators manufacturers, Freeze Tech, hyd we manufacture as per specification and dimensions. Food grade material standards. Total stainless steel fabrication including shelves, legs and compressor platform. for longer life of unit. |Contact :8008823458,
Vertical freezers or vertical coolers, horizontal model, under counters chillers or freezers, we manufacture and supply branded make Blue star and Freeze Tech Enterprises. Reach in Chillers and reach in freezers available in different capacities as per specification we manufacture. Fully stainless steel food grade material including shelves and legs for rust proof and longer life. For quote and brochure contact us 8008823458