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More Visibility For Your Products. More Profits For You. It’s the best way to cool your products and display them at the same time. Blue Star’s range of Visi Coolers. These vertical storage coolers are specially designed to cool uniformly and help you display the products inside. So while the display increases product visibility, the visibility increases sales. And more sales mean more profits for you. Features UV protected galvanised sheets for interior and exterior Adjustable plastic-coated wire mesh shelves Energy-efficient cooling unit Eco-friendly refrigerant (R134a) Uniform cooling by forced air circulation Clear product visibility with dual glass Self-closing door Canopy for merchandising with rear illumination Tested for higher ambient and outdoor condition
Authorized sales and service for blue star and freeze tech enterprises and freezo tech systems, we do take general service for deep freezer, water cooler, air-conditioner, cold room and all refrigeration products. call us for all service and sales.8008823458.
Authorized Sales and service for Blue Star Air-Conditioners, 1, 1.5 and 2 Ton split type Air-Conditioners, Window Air-Conditioners, multi split Air-Conditioners, Cassette Air-Conditioners, Verti-cool Air-Conditioners. Color options available in Red, Silver, Gold and favorite White.Newly launched with Star rating with press button glow temperature indicator.
Water Cooler manufacturers on Brand name Freeze Tech & Freezo Tech systems since 1991, we make water coolers as per required specification and customised, Quality is our main aim with best price. Authorized sales and service of Blue Star Limited for Air-Conditioner and Refrigeration products.
Blue Star water dispenser of Bwdhcc, Bwdrhcc and Bwdrhcd are available with best price in market with good service backup, being authorised sales and service of Blue Star we attend within 24hrs. Hot & Cold, Hot & Cold with refrigerator models available. Dispenser with RO fitted will also supply, no more depend Botttled water and 100% sure pure drinking water. Blue Star water dispenser is made of High quality with best performance.