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Blue Star Medical Refrigerators, freezers and coolers, Blood Bank Refrigerator, pharmacy refrigerators, upright medical freezers, +2Deg to +8Deg, -20Deg Freezers, -40Deg Freezers and -86Deg Ultra low freezers available with in built racks for easy usage, stainless steel feb, different sizes with high technology for recording and usage. Call us 8008823458
Medical refrigerators, medical freezer, ultra low freezers, 2Deg-8Deg, -25Deg, -40Deg, -86Deg.
Ultra Low Temperature freezers, Blood Bank refrigerators, Medical freezers and medical for negative temperature, Blue star make refrigeration products. For More details contact 8008823458, 040-65340069
Medical refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, low temperature freezers, vertical refrigerators and vertical freezers. Pharmacy refrigerators , medical freezers. Blue Star Products. Please call us for more details. Ph:8008823458, 040-65340069
Blue star medical equipments or medical refrigeration, Ultra low temperature and Blood Bank refrigerator. Please contact us. 8008823458