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GLASS TOP CHEST FREEZERS: Glass-top Chest Freezers offer economical freezing, storage and display solutions, all at the same time. Aesthetically crafted, they turn an ordinary display into a striking one. They are ideal for both small stores as well as modern-day large format departmental stores, and for use in parlours and eateries. The sides can be custom-branded to suit any particular product or company. With lower power consumption, these freezers present perfect solutions that save money as well. Better insulation technology makes them ideal for sub-continental climates like ours. The easy to slide glass doors also make it easy for customers themselves to use the freezer. Overall, it is a smart choice for the smart retailer! Features: Robust construction for heavy duty use Easy-slide glass door Corrosion resistant body Tropicalised for high ambient temperatures Locks in all models High density PUF insulation for better holding time Highly energy-efficient compressor.
Blue Star water dispenser of Bwdhcc, Bwdrhcc and Bwdrhcd are available with best price in market with good service backup, being authorised sales and service of Blue Star we attend within 24hrs. Hot & Cold, Hot & Cold with refrigerator models available. Dispenser with RO fitted will also supply, no more depend Botttled water and 100% sure pure drinking water. Blue Star water dispenser is made of High quality with best performance.
Certified by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), Blue Star's star-rated range of Hi-Wall Split ACs offers you the dual advantage of high performance cooling and low electricity bills.
CONCEALED SPLIT AC'S: Apart from being reliable and trouble-free, the unique low noise feature makes it the quietest in the category. Its low height makes it easy to conceal, offering a central airconditioning look with higher head room. A big bonus when wall and floor space is limited. Features Available in 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7.5 TR Low noise and low height State-of-the-art compressor saves 10-15% electricity bills Programmable timer Time delay feature for longer life of compressor Auto-restart Fuzzy logic control for intelligent cooling Detachable fan panel for easy servicing of fan motor and coil Salt spray-tested GI panels for longer life and aesthetic appeal Highly efficient permanent split capacitor motor
Ice For Every Need Today, ice plays various roles. A style element for cocktail drinks. A cool bedding for delicacies. A preserver of life saving drugs. The list is as long as it is diverse.And to meet your specific usuage requirements of ice in the best possible way, you can always rely on the expert, Blue Star. Blue Star, India's leading airconditioning company, collaborates with NTF (Italy), the world's leading ice machine manufacturer, to bring you sophisticated ice-making machines that freeze water and make ice effectively. These machines are hygienic, energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain. Blue Star uses its expertise and domain knowledge to give you the products as per your needs and requirements. And with its widespread service network you can be sure of long life and optimum performance from your machine. Ice Machines for Every Need Gourmet Ice Cube Machines Blue Star - NTF Gourmet Ice Cube Machines produce compact truncated cone format ice cubes with slightly indented facets. These gourmet ice cubes gives a refreshingly cool boost to your drinks without changing the flavour. Ice Flake Machines Blue Star - NTF Ice Flake Machines produce ice in granular flakes. They are ideal for providing a cool bedding for foods, including fish and gourmet delicacies. The weight and volume of the ice flakes are tailored to suit your storage, transport and dosing needs. ideal for pharmaceutical products and the chemical industry, these machines boast of low running costs and minimal maintenance. A truly dependable product from Blue Star. Features: Power saving design Totally safe Perfect shapes Water content control Stainless Steel body Self-standing Space saver Sprayers Auto stop and start Low noise